Gabriel Starobinski

“Gabriel Starobinski's acrylic paintings and collages are an overload of impressions. Each work seems to consist of several pictures painted on top of each other. Such images can never be completely deciphered due to their complexity, yet the numerous details together form one main motif. Gabriel Starobinski, an extraordinary young talent from Basel, masters this game with perfection.”
- Markus Tiarks, Curator @ VonLBisG Berlin

Pushing the boundaries of gender and sexuality, my work acts like a diary, chronicling my life as a young queer man. I’m particularly interested in confronting the fear of femininity and exploring the spectrum between femininity and masculinity in my art.
Each final canvas is centered around a theme but I begin with no premeditated plan — instead I let the theme emerge as I work. My multi-layered approach incorporates written words from music, pop culture and personal poems with collaged elements such as newspaper clippings, mirrors, and nail polish.

The resulting artwork is an explosive, pastel-colored fantasy world where deep emotions, love and desires are deconstructed and reimagined on canvas.

I’m a former art history student, currently studying law in Basel, Switzerland.

If you’re interested in learning more about purchasing my artwork, gallery exhibitions or illustration services, I’d love to hear from you. ︎Contact.


don’t call me (,) baby (2019) 
Checkpoint, Zürich, Switzerland 

Arztpraxis Kalkbreite, Zürich, Switzerland

Hi I Love You 2 (2018)
Klara13, Basel, Switzerland 

Hi I Love You What’s Your Name (2018)
Galerie VonLbisG, Berlin, Germany 

Polyglamourös (2017)
Panda Basel, Basel, Switzerland

The 2nd Cumming (2016)
Café Singer, Basel, Switzerland

Gabriel Starobinski (2016)
Korridor 164, Basel, Switzerland


Primenews (2019)

Artificial Official (2019)

Display Magazin (2019)

The Art Of Being Queer (2019)

Art Venture Magazine (2018)

Dapper Confidential (2018)

VICE x Huawei (2018, deleted)

Display Magazin (2017)

BAZ-iD (2017)

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